What is the Family Employment Awareness Training                   (FEAT) Project?

Family Employment Awareness Training – FEAT

  • A two-day training designed for families, their young adults who have support needs, and the professionals who support them.

The goals of FEAT are to:

  • Increase expectations for competitive employment of the young adult with a disability
  • Increase knowledge of state and federal resources to support the employment of the young adult

The Benefits to Schools, Teachers, Families & Students Schools

  • Receive free, up-to-date, in-service training for special education teachers and staff Teachers
  • Gain knowledge of the adult service systems · Learn about “outside the box,” customized employment possibilities
  • Plan with families and young adult, increasing successful transition to adulthood and family involvement
  • Meet representatives from various employment resources in your community
  • Participate in follow-up technical assistance meetings to learn more about how to support students with various needs to be competitively employed Families
  • Increase their understanding of transition to employment and knowledge of resources to sup port post-secondary employment of their child
  • Network with other families going through transition
  • Meet representatives from various employment resources in your community
  • Plan for transition and employment meetings
  • Participate in follow-up technical assistance meetings to support implementation of their employment plan Young adults with disabilities
  • Gain knowledge of supports and services
  • Brainstorm possible employment options and discuss support needs with peers
  • Learn self-advocacy skills related to employment
  • Gain an understanding of disability disclosure

FEAT – Omaha – Summer 2019

              Day One: Saturday July 27th 
Day Two: Friday August 2nd

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New Locations COMING SOON!!!

FEAT – Kearney –  Fall 2019   stay tuned for details

FEAT – Columbus –  Winter 2020  stay tuned for details

FEAT – Lincoln – Spring 2020   stay tuned for details

For more information, contact PTI Nebraska.


FEAT Project sponsored by a grant provided by Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation Services, in partnership with Indiana University and PTI Nebraska.

Informed Parents = Improved Outcomes for Families