An excellent webinar was held on July 7 through the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network.  The webinar was specific to transition from high school to adult life.  The presenters noted that now is the time to find out what Assistive Technology would support your student best.  It is so very important that the IEP transition plan contains Assistive Technology conversation and goals for the high school career and adulthood, both devices and services.

What can schools do around AT and transition?

  • Supports in the IEP
  • Communication Supports
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Key Concepts Families Need to Know
  • How To Get Started

Supports in the following areas were discussed:

  • Writing
  • Note Taking
  • Reading
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Time Management / Scheduling

This webinar is available at  You will be able to watch the webinar, and download the power point and resources pages.  The resources pages are excellent.  This webinar is worth your time!!!!!

Other sites you might want to visit are:, and

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