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The Vimeo link below will take you to the latest PTI Nebraska Webinar Series completed in partnership with Answers4Families. This will automatically update as webinars are added so check back often.

This is a free webinar series offered by the Family to Family Health Information Center located at PTI Nebraska.  Sign in and learn about a variety of topics through the year. 

Register for the next webinar by clicking on this link:

Connection links and other information will be provided after registrations are received.  Reminders and information for the webinar are sent the day before the webinar. 

You will need to connect by internet to the webinar (the link is provided via email) and dial into a toll free conference call to facilitate communication between you, the presenter and other participants. If your place of business has a firewall, you may have difficulty making a connection with the UNL webinar system.  Check with your network admin to open: 80 and 1935 for UNLConnect server IP  Or you can always participate on the conference call using the documents sent via email before the webinar.  Please let Nina Baker know if you will be using the conference call only option.

PTI Webinars will be presented typically at two times on the day of the webinar:  

  • Lunch & Learn  | 12:30 – 1:30pm CT (11:30am to 12:30pm MT)
  • Late Night Learning  |  8:30 – 9:30pm CT (7:30-8:30 MT)