February 17, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

This is a reminder for tomorrow’s Person Centered Planning: Leading Your Own Meeting starting at 10am CT.

We will send you a Zoom link by 8am tomorrow morning before the training session. We are delighted to have your participation.

In the training you will learn how people with disabilities can lead their own PCP meeting. The training sessions are led by:

  • Ruthie-Marie Beckwith, the former Executive Director of TASH, the national cross-disability organization.
  • Jennifer James is a person who has had a disability for all her life. She works at the Nebraska Statewide Independent Living Council. Jennifer has her own apartment and three cates.
  • Erin Phillips has been a lifelong self advocate. She lives in an extended family home and has worked at a bakery in Super Saver for over 12 years.

You can see their full bios at:

If you have any questions, please email me at mark@mtadvocacy.com

Additional upcoming free Advanced PCP training sessions:

Self-Advocates: Leading Your Own Meeting (10am-12 noon CT)

  1. 2/3 Week 1: Getting Ready to Lead Your Meeting
  2. 2/10 Week 2: Make a Plan and Own Your Plan!
  3. 2/17 Week 3: Getting People to Help You Reach Your Dream
  4. 2/24 Week 4: Don’t Wait for Another Service Meeting

Build Your Circle of Support: Star Raft (6:30pm-8:30pm CT)

  1. 3/3 Week 1: Gather Your Circle
  2. 3/10 Week 2: Set a Good Direction
  3. 3/17 Week 3: Take the Helm
  4. 3/24 Week 4: Sustaining Commitments Over the Long Run

Introductory Training: Families, Service Recipients, Providers and Service Coordinators (6:30pm-8:30pm CT)

  1. 3/31 Week 1: Intro to Person Centered Planning
  2. 4/7 Week 2: Building a Lasting Support Circle
  3. 4/14 Week 3: Employment and Volunteering 4/17 Easter Sunday
  4. 4/21 Week 4: Reaching Your Dreams and Vision

You can register or learn more about the training sessions at: