PTI Nebraska is a statewide resource for families of children with disabilities or special health care needs.  PTI Nebraska empowers parents and provides them the knowledge and capacity to improve the education and healthcare outcomes for their children.



Contact us if:

  • You would like information about your child’s disability or special health care needs
  • You have a question about your child’s special education program or related services
  • You would like to schedule a workshop in your community
  • You would like to talk to another parent

It is the vision of PTI Nebraska to empower YOU as the parent to become a life-long advocate for your child.  Our trained, expert staff also have children with disabilities and have been down the same road you are on–feeling overwhelmed, confused, and alone.  With information, support and mentoring from the staff at PTI Nebraska, you can be an expert too! Give us a call and we will help you get there.

With nearly 50,000 children in Special Education in Nebraska, it is our mission to empower and inform as many parents as possible. We look forward to collaborating with you and helping you gain the knowledge and tools you need to reach positive outcomes, as you move towards your child’s education or special health care goals.  Let’s create the next generation of parent leaders…together.



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  1. I have guardianship of my 7 year old autistic niece. She was diagnosed last year by Dr. Shelly Benshoof. We moved right after her diagnosis to Oklahoma, and Oklahoma was great about adding her autism to her IEP. We recently moved back to Nebraska, where her case manager refuses to test her until next year for an educational diagnosis. When my niece was in headstart, I mentioned that I thought she was autistic, but this same person said there was no need to have her tested because she didn’t feel she was autistic. Now that I have the diagnosis from a psychologist, I really feel, she for some reason just refuses to add it to her education plan. She has said that she will have the psycholgist make a behavioral plan, and have OT come to help with sensory issues, but still refuses the educational autism test or whatever. Is there any way I can get some help with this? Thanks so much.

    Sondra Robidoux
    1517 Towle St
    Falls City Ne 68355

    1. In nebraska , I believe all you need to do is find the people responsible for the IEP planning, if they tell you they will need to reevaluate, thats ok, tell them you want an evaluation done asap. They have 45 days from when you told them to get that process started and finished. If they say again even through all the evaluation, that she does not fit their criteria for an autistic diagnosis on an educational level, you can appeal and get in touch with someone to act as a representative for your daughter from the ASD foundation!
      We are having very similar issues. Because my sons ASD is not effecting his ability to learn, we are going to not fight the school and put him through more bothersome questions again at this time , but we are starting to inform ourselves now, so that if we have to go through all this evaluation and IEP business again later, we will be ready and know how to respond. Last time we were told that he was not autistic because he IQ was too high and his fine motor skills were appropriate for his age. I felt completely shocked and in awe thst they could not see any of the issues the doctors and I were seeing. Its hard for school to diagnose things like this in young kids because everything can be dismissed as “well, he/she is just young” As a parent I can relate with how frustrated you must be feeling! Get in touch with a child psychologist, and they can greatly benefit you and give you more info and papers and tell you about your legal rights and how to handle this situation!
      Good luck!
      I hope this helped a little. If you want to email me and relate on a parental level, my email address is lori_in_ne@yahoo.com

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